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"ALLOA" means Alpine Lake Lot Owners Association, Inc. Herein represented by its Board of Directors.

"Board of Directors" is the seven members of the community, in good standing, who are elected by the community to represent the community in all matters involving ALLOA.

"Lot" means the premises rendered located in Alpine Lake, and if used for the erection of more than one private dwelling house, shall, where the context requires, mean that portion of the premises upon which the erection of one private dwelling is permitted by these restrictions.


All lot owners, their family members, their guests and/or renters shall be subject to fines as outlined in the notice procedures for ALLOA in the event any of the following guidelines are violated. Violations witnessed by any member in good standing must be given to any board member as soon thereafter said violation occurs. The board member shall then follow the ALLOA procedures and have the member who witnessed said violation sign the notice complaint. Said notice shall then be processed for a hearing with all parties within 30 days. No action will be taken without a witness signature. See below note for procedures & fines.


1. No newly constructed private dwelling shall install any type of external oil or kerosene tank unless it is a state of the art Above Ground Tank (AGT) containment unit. Nor may any existing structure convert to an external oil or kerosene tank without installing an AGT containment unit. Said unit shall be of a design that specifically prohibits the release of its contents upon any lot in Alpine Lake. Said unit shall be inspected by ALLOA prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy to the purchaser from the Pocono township building compliance officer.

2. The premises hereby conveyed shall be used for residential & cottage industry utilization. See Pocono township regulations defining "cottage industry". No sign shall be erected within Alpine Lake other than real estate. No building shall be erected, altered, placed or permitted to remain on the premises hereby conveyed other than one detached single family dwelling. It is hereby directed that all new owners of any property purchased from this day forward, notify ALLOA and/or its building compliance officer within 30 days of purchasing said property.

3. No building shall be located on any lot nearer than 50 feet to the front line, or nearer than 20 feet to any side street, or nearer than 15 feet to an interior line. Exception may be made at the discretion of ALLOA.

4. Easements for installations and maintenance of utilities and drainage facilities are reserved over the front 10 feet of each lot and side as well as the rear 5 feet of each lot.

5. No structure of any temporary character, trailer, basement, tent, shack, shed, garage, barn ot other outbuilding shall be used on any lot at any time as a residence, either temporarily or permanently.

6. No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on any lot, except that of a dog, cat or other household pet may be kept provided that they are not kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purpose. No pets are allowed to run loose in Alpine Lake and are to be under control at all times, which includes unnecessary barking.

7. No lot shall be used or maintained as a dumping ground for rubbish, trash, garbage or other waste. All waste shall be kept in sanitary containers.

8. No motor vehicle may be stored on premises unless duly licensed and inspected for operation on public highways, unless authorized by the board of directors.

9. No individual water supply system shall be permitted on any lot or building site unless such system is located, constructed and equipped in accordance with the requirements, standards and recommendations of the state and/or local public health authorities.

10. No individual sewage disposal system shall be permitted on any lot or building site unless such system is designed, located and constructed in accordance with the requirements, standards and recommendations of the state and/or local public health authorities. 

11. No building or structure, including water system and sewage disposal systems shall be erected upon the premises hereby conveyed without first obtaining the approval in writing, of ALLOA, as to the locations, elevation, plan and design. ALLOA shall approve or disapprove the said location, elevation, plan and design within 15 days after the same have been submitted to ALLOA.

12. No excavation shall be made on the premises except for the purpose of building thereon and only at the time when building operations are to commence. No earth or sand shall be removed from the premises except as part of such excavation without the written consent of ALLOA.

13. Purchaser shall not clear the lot of brush or trees or do any burning of any nature whatever except after first obtaining the approval of the local township authorities and ALLOA in writing. Such approval should specify the time and manner in which such clearing or burning shall be done.


14. Until dedicated to public use, title to the portion of the lands of ALLOA laid down on the maps as streets shall remain in ALLOA subject to the right of the purchaser and others and those claiming under them to use the same ingress and egress to and from public roads, and subject to the right of ALLOA to maintain or grant the right to maintain water mains, sewer pipes, street drains, gas mains, fixtures for street lighting, telephones and electric poles, within the lines of such roadways.


15. The restrictions as herein provided shall apply to all lots in Alpine Lake and may be amended by ALLOA from time to time, said restrictions being imposed for the benefit of all lands in Alpine Lake.


16. The purchaser is hereby granted the privilege of boating and fishing on/in the lake of ALLOA, known as Alpine Lake. None of the foregoing activities are to be engaged in for any commercial purpose whatsoever.


17. Any purchaser and/or their family, guests, agents, renters, etc. Making a nuisance of them shall, at the discretion of ALLOA, be denied that privileges of the beaches, lake, picnic area, recreational area, etc. For a limited time and/or be the subject to fines by ALLOA.


18. Only boats, canoes or water crafts propelled by oars, paddles, electric motors or sails shall be permitted upon the water of said lake. No motorboats or outboard motors of any description shall be permitted thereon. All lot owners, family members and/or guests or renters shall be required to observe all laws set forth by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania regarding fishing, boating and/or swimming as well as all guidelines and regulations of ALLOA.


19. Dwellings to have exterior complete and rough graded six month from the start or ALLOA has the right to complete same and charge actual expenditures for so doing and/or assigning fines to the purchaser.


20. No ATV, quad, motor bike, go cart, tracked vehicle, golf cart, etc. To be allowed on ALLOA roads and/or property until registering said vehicle with ALLOA and providing ALLOA with insurance certification naming ALLOA as a co-insured.


21. Any and all lot owner who rent and/or lease their property shall be governed by the ALLOA rules and regulations and are responsible for their tenants actions while renting & leasing within Alpine Lake and be subject to all charges and fines listed therein.  

22. Members wishing to sell their property in Alpine Lake must provide documentation required by the general assembly of Pennsylvania house bill no. 1757 of session of 1995. A copy of the Alpine Lake lot owners association's certificate of resale contains all of the proper documentation required by the state. This document may be obtained from the ALLOA board of directors. 

23. These rules & regulations "shall bine all lot owners in Alpine Lake and their heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns. 

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