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Summary of ALLOA Notice of Procedures


  1. Before the delivery of a “Notice” to an offending ALLOA Lot Owner, a date shall be established by the Board within thirty (30) days for the Lot Owner to appeal that Notice.

  2. The mailing of all Notices shall be coordinated by the Board’s legal advocate. The original shall be retained by the Board and a copy shall be forwarded to the Lot Owner’s last address.

  3. No Notices shall be directed to, or given to any minor for any reason.

  4. The location of all appeals shall be the Joe Latrella Pavilion. The date/time shall be indicated on the Notice.

  5. The appeal hearing process shall be “moderated” by one Board member not associated with that particular Notice. The duty of that Board member is to establish an informal and non-confrontational environment for such proceedings.

  6. The moderator shall state the charges at hand to all present and then ask the defendant to answer said charges. Informal discussion shall be encouraged.

  7. Upon completion of all discussion, a vote shall be taken by those Board members present. Three areas are to be taken into consideration.

    1. Uphold all fines as is.

    2. Absolve defendant of all charges – no fines.

    3. Community service is offered to the defendant as an alternative conclusion to the charges.

  8. A majority of the Board members present at the hearing shall constitute a final disposition of the charges levied against the ALLOA Lot Owner. All associated charges and/or fines shall be paid to ALLOA, INC. within thirty (30) calendar days by the ALLOA Lot Owner. No charges shall be directed to anyone but the Lot Owner. No charges shall ever be directed to any member of their family or guests. The ALLOA Lot Owner is totally responsible for any and all charges associated with the Notice.

  9. Should the ALLOA Lot Owner decline and/or refuse the findings of the Board, the Board’s legal advocate shall take all necessary steps to ensure coverage of associated cost of the findings. These steps shall be clearly outlined to the ALLOA Lot Owner before the conclusion of the appeal hearing.

  10. The Board Secretary shall record all conversations held at all hearings.

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